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School Policy

Article 1. Michigan Music Academy will make all efforts to match each student with a suitable teacher of the school in order to achieve the students’ learning objective. Any decision to change the current teacher with another teacher of the school will be taken with the mutual agreement between the student/student representative and the music director (Dr. Diana Lungu).

Article 2. The student will be committed to a minimum of four lessons each month. The payment for all lessons scheduled during a month is due at the time of the first scheduled lesson. The cost of a 30 min lesson is $28, the cost of a 45 min lesson is $42 and the cost of 60 min lesson is $56.

Article 3. If the student cannot attend a scheduled lesson and notifies the school at least 24 hours in advance, the lesson will be rescheduled within 30 days at the convenience of both the student and the teacher. A maximum of one lesson can be rescheduled every month. Notifications with less than 24 hours before the scheduled lesson will result in the forfeit of the lesson. A one month notification is required from the student (student representative) before canceling lessons.